Guardian Homes needed

At the bottom will be the description and stipulations of what is expected from a Guardian home. Up top here, I will list any available dogs that I have available for these homes



Expectations section- please note that this will change PER DOG. This will not be the same for every dog I have. Some dogs are older and have already had the socialization and training required. Some are puppies and still need the training, etc. So this is just a general outlining of what is expected from the guardian homes. We will discuss in private what each individual dog needs and decide if you are the right home. Also note that at the end of the dogs breeding use in my program, YOU will be the new owner and they will live the rest of their lives in your home as your pet.

I require that the female dogs be placed within a couple hours of me, so that travel is not so bad when its whelping time and mating time. I require that the dog be taken to training classes, even just regular kindergarten and family dog are fine I just want them to be socialized and used to other dogs and other people. I also require they get their CGC title which is Canine Good Citizen, its easy to get, and if you are taking them to a family dog type class, there’s usually the option to test for it at the end. I require the dog be kept on good food (I use Wellness Holistic, or another high end brand, and we also do a raw diet for most of ours), and that it gets adequate exercise and attention. The dog can NEVER be overweight, underweight, unkempt (this includes trimming toenails!), or in poor health! The dog must be kept as a family member in the home, not kept locked up in a kennel or kept tied outside. You are required to keep dog up to date on all shots, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and vet care needed. If you are able to get the dog titles, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, then I will try to do that myself or find a trainer who can assist. There’s actually online trick dog titles you can get thru the akc, you just take videos of your dog doing this stuff and they will title them! That’s the easiest among the titles, and its the least of the titles expected, and better than none 🙂

Now for my part lol…. I will take care of anything breeding related, which is mainly health tests and xrays, and taking the dog to its stud, etc. I will also take the female to the stud or bring the stud to her, or if we decide to do AI… however we decide to do the breeding, I will cover costs of transport to and from, or I will transport myself. Each litter a female has, she will spend the time at my house. She will come to my home a week before she’s due and stay until the puppies are 8 weeks old. You are welcome to come visit her at anytime or take her places for short amounts of time (when the puppies get older the time away can be longer). Then she will go back to your home to stay until the next breeding. This will happen usually twice a year, but sometimes may skip a breeding. I will pay you $200 from each litter in gratitude for your time and care put into my dog. You also have the option to keep a puppy as a one time payment instead of the $200 each litter. You can get a puppy from ANY of my standard color litters (black and red, blacks, or sables), but the decision must be made by the time you have had your female for 3 years or you will forfeit the option of getting a puppy and we will stick to the money per litter instead. Also, to utilize these options of money or a puppy, you MUST have the dog for at least 1 year before we start payments and 2 years if your wanting a puppy! IF interested in whelping litters yourself, I will pay you the amount of 1 puppy at pet price (it differs per litter), and take care of all the vet bills associated with the litter. Or you can have the option to keep a puppy FOR YOURSELF as payment also, from ONE of her litters

Now for the rough part lol…. if anything happens to this dog while in your care (like getting hit by a car, getting into rat poison and going into liver failure, and other preventable disasters) you will be responsible for the vet costs if the dog is able to be saved, and if it dies you will be responsible for replacing it with a dog of equal value.

As for a male placed in a Guardian home: The outlining care and expectation is still the same except it will be $100 paid per stud use, after you have had the dog for at least 1 year. And if any travel is needed for use of stud, or to go to the vet for AI, I will cover those costs as well. He will not need to be around for puppy whelping lol, so he doesn’t have to stay for extended periods. The only time he would stay for a period is during stud use, he may spend the week with me if he is within distance where that’s convenient. I also require that he be within 6-10 hours of me so that travel to use him is not so bad.

Here is the link to the contract. Please read it THOROUGHLY before inquiring about one of my dogs for guardian home!