DOB: 11/9/16

Mehra was my first big purchase to start my breeding program. She ended up with hip dysplasia, so i am unable to breed her. The breeder had offered a replacement (and we get to keep Mehra after being fixed, which we did do), but the day of the flight, the lady canceled and changed her mind. Unethical and liar breeder. I paid for her at “First pick price” even tho i did not want first pick. She was actually last pick, she was the only one left after all the other sold. But she sold her as Breeders pick, so i had to pay an extra 300 which should have been my first warning flag to stay away. Also i was told her father was a Majic Forest dog, which i really really wanted the lines of. When i went to pick up the puppy, after driving over 8 hours… i was informed by the husband that the father was this other dog of theirs. So i was lied to from the beginning. Will not recommend her to ANYONE. CALICO JUNCTION is the kennel name. Ive also been recently informed that she has screwed over even more people including a young kid, that was just within the past few months (I updated this December 2020).

Its such a shame too because she is absolutely perfect in every way. Her temperament, her drive, her structure, and she absolutely loves the puppies that the other moms have. Shes always trying to be near them and she plays with them, its so sad. She loves to sleep on her back, in an inappropriate way lol, and she loves to snuggle with you while your sleeping or shes sleeping. But either way, her and my youngest daughter became best friends, so of course we kept her as part of our family. She is definitely my daughters protector. So I have her here as part of our story 🙂