Upcoming Spring litters 2022

The process to reserve a spot is as follows- I accept deposits after the deposit contract is signed and sent back (taking a screenshot and signing thru there, then sending back thru messaging or email works great). I use Venmo (preferred), Zelle, Google Pay, Messenger Pay, and Paypal (friends and family only). Reserves go in order of deposits. Deposit is $500, which goes towards total. Below is the full explanation for pricing and details. Here is the link to the deposit contract. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HGdjLGz9E1Rmt6pHsmJ-msNQs9vDn0eUWHb3JA03YLU/

PRICING FOR EACH LITTER WILL BE LISTED WITH EACH PAIRING. Pricing is as follows- $2300 -$2500 limited akc, $3000-$3800 full akc. $500 deposit which goes towards total. $150 discount for military, police, first responders, previous customers, and firemen. $200 extra for 1st pick if available. NO DISCOUNT ON BREEDING RIGHTS. Payment plans available also with an additional 4% interest fee on the total. Puppies go home at 10 weeks unless we’ve discussed otherwise and you want them earlier. They go home at 10 weeks because that is what is recommended thru the puppy culture program. If you choose to take them home earlier, you are welcome to. They come with- DM testing done (on litters where 1 parent is a carrier and full embark panels will be done on the color litters) 5 year hip guarantee and life threatening congenital defects guarantee, vet check, started on heartworm prevention, age appropriate shots, fully wormed and parasite prevention, contract, AKC reg done, puppy go home bag with tons of goodies, the puppies will have an adjustment and exam from the chiropractor, temperament test at 7 weeks, and lifetime support!


The long awaited start to my color lines!!! Elsa is a black and tan stock coat, carries blue and long coat. Chewy is my liver seal stock coat, carries blue and long coat. They will produce blue and tans, black and tan, solid blue, blue seal, blacks, or black seal in long coats and stock coats. Long list of possibilities lol. All will carry liver as well! I will be keeping a few back from this litter naturally lol. Elsa is awaiting her Embark and Pennhip/OFA in the winter. Chewy is a DM carrier, Pennhip right 0.52, left 0.39 (good), OFA prelim elbows passing, passing OFA dentition, heart, and patella. The first 2 spots on both male and female will be held back by me until I know what I wanna do. $2500 pet, $3500 breeding rights. There are 2 spots open on each. But, I am holding off on reserves for now until testing is completed! https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=3008896-caskeys-k9s-chewbacca-von-holtzapple?_v=20210818225242


I have not quite decided who Luna will be bred with at this time, but it will either be a repeat breeding with Dakota or some other worthy prospect lol 😉 Her litters will produce long coat blacks and dark sables (if bred with sable). $2500 pet, $3200 full. 3 male spots, 3 female spots open. First pick spots reserved by me until further notice. https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/breeding.result?father=2872810&mother=2832096


I have decided on using Chewy with Bubbles this spring! EEK!!! Really trying to get my color lines up and running! Chewy’s personality is super chill, sweet, loves everybody, not afraid of anything, I take him everywhere with me and do everything with him! Bubbles is the same lol, they are an excellent match that I wish id had done sooner lol! Chewy is a liver seal and Bubbles is dark sable. The litter will NOT produce liver puppies lol, BUT will carry blue and liver, be long coats, black, black seals, black n tan, and sables. This litter will be $2500 pet, $3200 full. I am keeping the first 2 spots on male and female open for myself cuz I dont know how many ill keep lol, so right now, 2 female spots are open and 1 male spot open! https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/breeding.result?father=3008896&mother=2982207

Capri x Zeke

Also a fan favorites litter. They produce medium to higher energy and drives, due to Capri being a little higher energy. They produce black and black and reds. This will be their 4th litter together. 2nd pick female open. $2500 pet, $3200 breeding. https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/breeding.result?father=2802695&mother=2636144

Zumba x Maverick

Maverick x Zumba! POSSIBLE MATING, I still am not 100% if I am using Maverick or not, im thinking I may use Chewy instead.

If I use Chewy- they will produce black, black seals, and honestly, I cant tell what the embark all says that he carries and theyll produce lol, but ill find out later and update :).

If I use Maverick- he is a silver sable longcoat. Pennhip Excellent 0.28 score. OFA elbows good. OFA dentition passing. OFA patella passing. OFA cardiac passing. Carries white, blue and liver! Zumba is white long coat, recessive black. FCI hips Excellent. FCI elbows good. They will produce long coat whites and silver sables, some carrying blue or liver or both. Whole litter will be fully Embark tested!! And excuse the sire side of Mavericks pedigree. The Pedigree database literally does not like UK dogs for some reason and every time he is put in, they remove it!! I have the paper pedigree for him. Its Barron Glebevonwood offspring. 3 male and 3 female spots open $2600 pet, $3800 breeding.

I will also be getting a new girl who is around 2 in about 5 months! She is a silver sable who carries blue!! She will either be bred with Maverick or Chewy, but im leaning more towards Chewy! So we will be making some blue babies finally from a couple of the litters, YAY!!!!!!