Veruca Salt von Holtzapple

Here we have little miss Veruca Salt πŸ˜‰

She has quite the personality and is probably the cutest thing EVER lol. She likes chasing the kitties, but they dont like her and she gets into trouble alot for it lol. She is in co-own with Shawn Holtzinger now with Niko πŸ™‚ She has had a 3rd DM test done, since the first one came back clear from Gensol, the next one from Embark came back a carrier, and then I did a 3rd to even out the odds, which was from Paw Prints and came back carrier. So, she is a DM carrier and dwarfism clear, as well as clear for everything else Embark tests for. We are waiting her hip and elbow xrays πŸ™‚