Here we have little miss Veruca Salt 😉

She is a dark sable long coat and is coming from Guardian Shepherds in Florida. Her breeder is Ashley Taboada.

We got her January 9! So far, she is fitting right in! She has quite the personality and is probably the cutest thing EVER lol. She likes chasing the kitties, but they dont like her and she gets into trouble alot for it lol. She loves to snuggle and be held. So, we tend to carry her around alot smothering her with love and kisses lol. She loves every minute. Then we put her down and she takes right off to look for more trouble! She loves playing with squeaky toys and she especially loves playing with Niko, who is our puppy whisperer dog. They have become best buddies already.

I will update this more as we get more aquainted and get her testings done, etc. But so far, she is just a bundle of joy and we love her to pieces!