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Some of my story…. I have been in love with german shepherds ever since i was 20 and got my first German shepherd dog named Elsa. I decided about 10 years ago that i wanted to start breeding. I work hard on breeding only from the best lines. I breed for health, temperament, workability, beauty. I try to stick to long coats because those are my favorite. I NEVER breed without doing health tests (Embark or PawPrint Genetics) and hip and elbow xrays at the least! I have West German Showlines for the more chill family dogs, and i have West German working lines for those wanting a higher energy work dogs. I also have mixed show/working lines. AND I have also started lines with blue, liver, white, and silver sable!! Or I should say, I am trying very hard to get them started. I actually have been starting them since about 3 years ago, but it is so very hard to find good color lines where health testing has been done, titles aquired, and there are not genetic issues due to Backyard breeders destroying the breed! I am working very hard to prove that dogs of non standard color are just as workable and good as a standard color GSD. Which, in my opinion, is a ridiculous thing to even have to prove lol, but once again, thanks to backyard breeders, it is now something that is rare- to have a dog of non standard color that has a job, or even LOOKS like a standard German shepherd in structure. I wont voucher for most of these color lines I know of, but I will voucher for my own lines and say that they will be built up to be some of the best lines you can possibly get!

All my dogs are part of the family. We take them on vacations with us, and i take them anywhere I can with me whenever i leave, there’s usually always at least one, if not all, with me when I run errands or do things. We do not have kennels, and I will never keep my dogs in kennels. That would make them very unhappy lol. Every dog i own lives in the house with us and is part of our family. In the future tho, I will keep the litters and moms outside in an indoor kennel when we get some nice heated/cooled ones built, which we are working towards.

The main goal here is to breed german shepherds with NO genetic health issues ever! ALL of my dogs are health tested thru Embark and Paw Prints and have Pennhip and OFA done, at the least. I do not breed lines that do not have these things done either. I am working towards various titles for all my dogs as well. Just finding the time to do so has been challenging, and then with Covid putting a damper on everything for like ever, its been kinda a pain, but we are getting there! I am extremely interested in search and rescue and have started training Chewy in it!! I have been looking into it for quite some time, and I’m hoping by the end of 2022, i will have a dog or 2 doing that! My goals for 2022 are to get ALL of my dogs titles, and multiple titles in various things!

I have started implementing the Puppy Culture Program into our litters! Its amazing, and so much fun! I love being able to give puppies the absolute best start in their lives which will impact their whole life! Its an amazing program! Puppies are raised for the first 2 weeks in our bedroom so we can watch over them carefully and someone is always with them during that time, and during that time we also do the Early Neurological Stimulation with them. Then we move them to their bigger whelping pens where we play classical music and other varieties (including thunderstorm) all the time except bedtime when its quiet time, and they learn to use the litter boxes and play with toys and things. They are raised in our home and underfoot most of the time so they get the full family setting and used to daily family activities and noises and such. We have pens we set up in the living room (until they’re old enough to just run around without it), so when they are not in their downstairs pen at night, or in the outside pens enjoying beautiful days, they are in the living room with us getting to know daily sounds and routines and love.

This is all a HUGE learning process for me. I do my best and try my hardest at all times. I do not claim to be perfect but i do always strive for perfection. I want to produce the best quality dogs i can and I want everyone to always be happy with their lifelong companions. I may make mistakes along the way, but i will always try to fix them and do better next time and move forward and take each mistake as a learning opportunity. My goal is to provide happiness and love to everyone thru my favorite dog- the german shepherd.

I also provide transport for my puppies and others as well. I charge 50 cents a mile round trip for ground. And if flight is needed, I do flight nanny with puppy in cabin with me, and that usually starts at $600 and goes up or down, depending on what the flight costs are for that time. They change so often, so its difficult to give a set price at any time until its actually time to book.

Also, i have lots of references for reputable breeders i will share if I do not have what your looking for. I’m all for supporting my fellow breeders who work hard and health test and are doing the right things! I will start a list in the menu at the top, of websites, or breeder names, whom I feel are deserving of recognition. If I miss someone, I apologize lol, chances are I just haven’t had a chance to put you down yet! Ill try to update this list whenever I think of someone or something I may have missed!

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thanks so much!! If you go to the upcoming litters section, I have them listed! I do not have any puppies at this time tho, only upcoming spring litters.


  2. We have a 10 year old German Shepherd. She is an amazing dog and we would like to get a puppy for her to help raise while she is still healthy and active. I love that you are working to breed genetically healthy shepherds. Do you have any puppies available?


  3. Nancy, I do not know how to use this page very well, someone is coming soon to teach me tho.
    Can you please contact me thru my Facebook page, email, or even phone?
    The one I have left is a black long hair, Rosa.
    About the limited registration, I can send my contact that explains a little better….if you want full rights and any tests are not passed so they can breed, I replace the puppy (you can keep the other still if you want).
    My number is 419-863-0314 if you want to talk on phone?


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Shannon is amazing! I can’t say enough about her compassion and dedication in creating an awesome breeding program. Not only with her dogs but also with her buyers who become an extension of her family after getting one of her pups. I have 2 brothers a litter a part. She does her research to breed the best and also wants the best for her pups. They are extraordinary!!!

Shelley Schulke Walker

We absolutely loved working with Shannon, so much so that we have already recommended her to one of our friends. We love our little Luna! She is the perfect pup for us!

Lindsey Mock