Leelou- black

This little beauty is our keeper from the Bubbles x Chewy litter. 2 of our favorite dogs, so you cant go wrong lol. We kept her and her brother. Her brother Obi Wan Kenobi is in a guardian home and Leelou is here with us. She has suuuuuuuch a sweet disposition and very very very high food drive lol. She would probably eat a whole cow to herself if she was allowed, its ridiculous lol. Good food drive makes it easier to train tho of course 🙂 Not sure what we will be titling her in… but as for now, shes a huge sweetheart and loves her mama very very very much lol. She gets very jealous when I pet other dogs LOL. She has had her full Canine Healthcheck DNA panel done and is clear of everything. She is long coat black and carries liver. Cannot WAIT to see the long coat livers she will produce!!! So excited! We are awaiting hips and elbows of course, and she will not be ready to breed until winter of 2023 or early 2024.