Zelda Feuer Holtzapple von EverHaus

DOB: 06/28/2021 Weight: (still growing lol)

Zelda is a bi color stock coat that carries blue, and she is Tiago’s sister! She is currently living in a guardian home and is a very happy and energetic girl! She had an accident when she was about 4 months old, running in the woods, she was stabbed in the eye with a stick. It is still healing and will take a long time, up to a year or longer to fully heal over. It does not affect her vision thank goodness. She is very sweet and loving and hasn’t met a stranger! She has an amazing nose and loves to use it. She is very food driven and a higher energy, as she is a working line. She has a great off switch as well. She has a full embark panel done, and is DM clear as well as clear of everything else. She still needs her Dwarfism testing done, and her xrays done, so that she will be ready for breeding in the summer or fall of 2023 🙂

Embark: http://embk.me/fwhite2?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark