“Maverick Holtzapple of Greystone”

DOB: 4/4/2020 Weight: 98 lbs

My silver sable from Greystone German shepherds. He is in a co-own with my Mindy Spalding in Perrysburg, Oh. Hes medium energy, super loveable, and about 100 pounds lol. Hes got an awesome personality, and is a bundle of snuggly joy! He carries blue, liver, and white. He has Pennhip xrays EXCELLENT and OFA elbows prelim passing. He also has passing OFA Patella, heart, and dentition. He is a DM carrier and PD carrier as well, and because of these 2 things i’ve decided to retire him from my program 😦 He is still being used by a friend because she sells his litters to pet homes only, so I allow the use. I just personally choose not to use him because I dont feel like messing with the hundreds and hundreds it costs to health test entire litters to decide whos breeding home and whos pet homes.

Mavericks parents pedigrees (pedigree database does not like UK dogs for some reason, so its a pain and separate pedigrees)-