Payment Plan Information

Heres how the payment plan works- For all payment plans, there will be a 4% inconvenience charge on the total (so for $2500, it would be a $128 fee). You will pay the deposit amount to hold of $500, just like normal. Then at puppy pickup, you will pay half of the remaining balance, and we will set the other half up in payments you can afford, weekly or bi weekly. You MUST write checks, signed and postdated, for each amount and date. This is the ONLY way I will accept payment plans. There will be no exceptions as this is the only way I can have collateral! If you would like to pay thru one of the payment apps, that is okay also, I will just rip up the check for that amount/date after each is paid. But the checks must still be written. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are unable to pay the full half due at puppy pickup, we can discuss arrangements for a smaller amount. 🙂

Here is the link to the contract-