Kookie Wookie- black and red

DOB: 1-26-2022 Black and red long coat female 70 pounds Parents- Raja x Oonyx OFA prelim elbows- Good Pennhip (waiting on results) Canine Healthcheck full panel- clear

We got Kookie Wookie from Margel German Shepherds and she is my sweetheart. She loves her mama soooooo much. She has such a funny personality! She loves to chase everyone while they chase the ball, and sometimes she’ll even chase the ball herself lol. She likes to stare at kitties but never tries to eat them. I love taking her on road trips with me, she’s so well behaved and usually just sleeps in the front seat the whole time lol. Her favorite spot is right beside me on the couch and she gets upset and will pout across the room or in front of me staring at me if someone else is in her spot. If it’s another dog, she will usually just get up anyways and sit on top of them until they move HAHA. Every morning she goes and sits in her spot waiting to eat. She is so smart! She’s so beautiful and loves everyone she meets. She has passed her elbows xrays and we are waiting on Pennhip, but the xrays look awesome!