Available puppies or dogs

PRICING FOR EACH LITTER WILL BE LISTED WITH EACH PAIRING. Puppies go home at 8 weeks. They come with- DM and PD (dwarfism) testing done (on litters where 1 parent is a carrier and color panels will be done on the color litters) lifetime hip guarantee and life threatening congenital defects guarantee, vet check, age appropriate shots, fully wormed and parasite prevention starting at 2 weeks up until they leave, contract, AKC reg done, puppy go home bag with tons of goodies, the puppies will have an adjustment and exam from the chiropractor, temperament test at 7 weeks, and lifetime support!

Zumba x Chewy – BFF litter- Born 4/26/22

These guys are all ready to go home 🙂 https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/breeding.result?father=3008896&mother=2899548

Turquoise- “Betsy”- stock coat female, black and tan, pet only no breeding. Temp tested- very very very sweet and snuggly, always wants your attention, medium drive, medium+ energy- AVAILABLE $2000

Green- “Slim Shady”- Black stock coat. Hes such a sweetheart and feels that he always belongs in your lap lol. Very good at snuggling, loooves attention and wants your attention at all times 😉 Pet home only- $2000

Lilac- “Hailey”- She was my keeper for my program and honestly, I am still up in the air about whether to let her go or not! The only reason I am thinking about it is because I may be getting a different black that carries liver from different lines then what I have and there wouldn’t be a need for 2. She is sooo stinking sweet and I hate that I might let her go lol. But for the right home, I may do it, and I do prefer a breeding home for her. She is long coat black, PD clear, DM clear and carries liver. She’s pretty chill and has a perfect temperament (the other ones do too, don’t get me wrong lol). She will be $2500 pet $3200 breeding.

White- “Cheesecake”- long coat female, black and cream wolf mask, carries liver. Sweetest thing EVERRRRRR Oh my gosh shes ridiculous!! She looooves to be snuggled and wants your love all the time! PD clear, DM carrier, pet or breeding-$2500 pet, $3200 breeding

Eternity x Zeke – Precious Gems- born May 8,2022

Ready to go home July 3, 2022. Litter has been DM tested, only 1 male and 1 female are clear and reserved, the rest are carriers. 3 black and red females available- Citrine, Rose, and Opal! $2500 pet, $3200 breeding.



READY TO GO HOME JULY 7! I have been waiting on health tests to see who I may be keeping in my program, so I have not been able to post as much as i’d like about this group!! So now that most of the health tests are done, I will put who is actually available down below!!! I am still deciding between Oola and Aunt Beru lol. I can’t say enough good things about this litter, all Bubbles litters are my absolute favorites, they have all turned out so well over the past year or so and have perfect temperaments, we even kept one from the spring litter and she’s so perfect and couldn’t be sweeter! All carry liver as well. These guys are $2500 pet, $3200 breeding



*R2D2- black long coat male- super super sweet love muffin! He is super handsome and just has an all around great temperament- AVAILABLE FOR PET OR BREEDING, although we are still waiting on PD test results

*Han Solo- black and tan long coat, he is the runt and he is sooooo stinking cute and tiny!! He is truly a pocket puppy and we are constantly carrying him around lol. He will grow of course, but he is just tiny at this point in his life lol. He is such a snuggle bunny and loves to be carried around and get kisses. Dont let his cuteness fool you tho, he is a troublemaker and beats up on all the bigger guys HAHA, which is absolutely adorable cuz hes half their size lol -AVAILABLE FOR PET HOME


*Mon Mothma- black and red long coat- she is such a snuggly bear and loves your attention AVAILABLE PET OR BREEDING HOME, PD and DM clear!!!

*Sy snootles- black and red long coat, super loving temperament-Pet home only- AVAILABLE

Padme- black long coat- pet home only-AVAILABLE

Oola- black long coat- PD AND DM CLEAR- pending

Aunt Beru- black long coat, waiting on health tests- pending

Journee x Maverick- Stranger Things litter – DOB 6/28/2022

This is the Stranger Things litter! We are waiting on health testings before figuring out who will fully be available. We have 1 blue sable male, 1 liver sable male, 1 silver sable male, 2 white males, 1 blue sable female and 3 white females. Litter will be PD tested and whoever doesn’t carry the gene will move on to the full panel testing! All of the whites will be available and the color ones are reserved until health tests are done. The silver sable male is reserved as well. Litter is $2500 pet $3500 breeding. There is 1 female spot open (most likely for the white), and there are 3 male spots open (all white at this time)


The process to reserve a spot is as follows- I accept deposits after the deposit contract is signed and sent back (taking a screenshot and signing thru there, then sending back thru messaging or email works great). I use Venmo (preferred), Zelle, Google Pay, Messenger Pay, Paypal. If PayPal or Venmo are used, the friends and family option must be used, or if you use the business option, you pay their extra fee which is 1.6% i think! Reserves go in order of deposits. $500 deposit which goes towards total.

Here is the link to the deposit contract. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HGdjLGz9E1Rmt6pHsmJ-msNQs9vDn0eUWHb3JA03YLU/

And here is the link to the regular contract to look over as well. THE REGULAR CONTRACT DOES NOT NEED SIGNED, WE FILL IT OUT AT PUPPY PICKUP. The first contract is for PET HOMES ONLY/LIMITED RIGHTS- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MBfsUXbACqkbaGU7NOF5sLVEcqWJooIbKOiGQ_lB3Ag/

This contract is for BREEDING HOMES/FULL RIGHTShttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1MBfsUXbACqkbaGU7NOF5sLVEcqWJooIbKOiGQ_lB3Ag/edit?usp=sharing

PRICING FOR EACH LITTER WILL BE LISTED WITH EACH PAIRING. Pricing is as follows- $2500 limited akc- pet, $3200-$3800 full akc- breeding. $500 deposit which goes towards total. $150 discount for military, police, first responders, previous customers or multiple puppies in the same litter, and firemen. $200 extra for 1st pick if available. NO DISCOUNTS ON BREEDING RIGHTS. Payment plans available also with an additional 4% interest fee on the total. Puppies go home at 8 weeks and are raised on the Puppy Culture Program. They come with- DM and/or Dwarfism testing done (on litters where 1 parent is a carrier and full panel dna testing will be done on some of the color litters) lifetime hip guarantee and life threatening congenital defects guarantee, vet check and first shots (DHPP), started on heartworm prevention, fully wormed and parasite prevention, contract, AKC reg done, puppy go home bag with tons of goodies, the puppies will have an adjustment and exam from the chiropractor, temperament test at 7 weeks, and lifetime support!