Journee Sterling von Wolfenguard

DOB: 1/19/2020 Weight: 60lbs

This sweetheart’s name is Journee. She is a co-own dog with Jessica Singleton of Singleton Shepherds. She resides with me at this time. We just got her in January from Jennie Hoehn of Von Hoene Heritage Shepherds. She loooooooves to be loved. While, all of my dogs love snuggles and kisses, she is probably the one wanting that the most lol. We are still getting to know her, so that is all I can really say about her personality at this time lol. She has SV hips and elbows done and good, and we have a full panel Canine Health Check (thru Paw Prints Genetics) done, she is clear of Dm, Dwarfism, and every single thing tested for. She carries liver and blue! Her health tests and xrays are listed at the bottom. Sorry for the Healthcheck screenshots, they dont have a “share” option, I can only download a pdf, or screenshot. So I just screenshot the most important tests and if anyone needs to see anything else not listed, I can send it.