Bubbles Holtzapple von Wolfenguard DOB 12/22/18

Embark DNA test results – embk.me/bubblesholtzapplevonwolfenguard

Bubbles couldnt have a more perfect name!! She is our little bundle of black sable joy! She loves chasing butterflies and shadows, and always seems to have a smile on her face. She is a true mommys girl and will do anything for me. She loves jumping into bed and snuggling up to me and sleeping with me when the man gets up and leaves for work early in the morning haha. Shes a peach, such an excellent temperament, I couldnt have gotten more lucky when i found her. Shes absolutely perfect and i cannot wait to see the bundles of joy she will produce!

Her breeder is Jennie of Von Hoene Heritage Shepherds. AWESOME breeder, love love love! Here is her contact info-