Luna Holtzapple von den Kraften

DOB: 9/19/17 Weight: 72lbs

Luna was our black long coat working lines female. She is very a headstrong and stubborn brat LOL. I love her expressions. Her ears do stand straight up, but she often has them down at the sides which is part of her expressions and personality, she’s so goofy and a sweetheart, and very animated lol. I’m explaining about the ears being down because she looks so goofy in alot of pictures, but it just seems like every time I aim the camera at her she puts them down lol, but it’s also the way she looks alot because she is so animated. She is full working line, but is very lazy inside the house lol. Her favorite things to do are to be petted and play ball. She is very sweet and loves people… a little too much sometimes LOL. If you’re not petting her, then you are wrong and she will make sure to correct the problem LOL. She was not meant to be a guard dog LOL. She was one of the best mommy’s ever and looooooved her babies so much! She always wanted to be around them and play with them and care for them. She has retired and is living the best life in her forever home and they love her very very very much!!!

Embark dna health test results- EMBK.ME/LUNA537