Breeder recommendations

I have lots of references for reputable breeders i can share if I do not have what your looking for. I’m all for supporting my fellow breeders who work hard and health test and are doing the right things! If I miss someone, I apologize lol, chances are I just haven’t had a chance to put you down yet! Ill try to update this list whenever I think of someone or something I may have missed!

Shannon Engel of Margel German Shepherds. Shes my BFF!!! She deals directly with imports and gets AMAZING dogs!! She’s extremely caring and loves her dogs and job! She works super hard everyday and i’ve been to her kennel in Howell many many times and I also transport puppies alot for her. Very proud to call her my friend! Located in Howell, Michigan

Jennifer Spencer of Wynter Shepherds located in King William, VA. Another very good friend and internet BFF (I say internet cuz we dont get to hang out in person cuz shes so far away lol). She deals in Berger Blanc Suisse and I got my new BBS girl, Vanna, from her. Amazing lady, I cannot say enough good things about her program and her personality! Its always great to find kindred spirits, I feel so blessed, but wish they weren’t located so far away lol. Anybody should feel lucky to get a puppy from her! She has facebook and her website is –…….. Another great BBS breeder I highly recommend is Pam Zell at Sun Star Swiss Shepherds! Her site is-

Jennie Marijean Floyd Hoene, one of my absolute favorites, I got Bubbles from her (and Bubbles father Ike is Lunas half brother) and i plan to get a few more from her in future years, she breeds for stock and long coats, blacks, dark sables, silver sables, black and red, located in Seymour, Indiana –

Heather Eshelman, one of my favorites also. She has been breeding since she could walk, her mom started the business and she took over. She shows her dogs also and will be teaching me the tricks of the trade soon enough, cant wait. I highly respect her and will be doing alot of business with her in our future. She breeds long and stock coats, black and black and reds. Located in Indiana.

Sierra Mengerhaus, I also do alot of business with her, she imports some amazing czech line studs and has a very good program going! Very nice lady! Located in Clarkrange, Tennessee

Melissa Wren, I cant say enough good things about this wonderful woman!! She does alot of work for 4 Paws which is an agency that assists in training dogs for service dogs and people with disabilities. She also breed Golden Retrievers! Shes very caring and has been such a kind and generous person in my life. She also has one of Zeke and Capri pups (Rambo), an all black long coat, passing every health test and xray, and he is available to stud for anyone wanting shipped or all natural pairing. She also has other studs that are great as well! She is located in Loveland, CO. Although she has a hard time keeping up on the website lol, contacting thru facebook is best.

I dont have time to write something about each and every one lol, but i will come back and write things about each as I have time, but just know that there are lots of wonderful things to say about each breeder lol, I would not be recommending them if they were not worthy of my recommendation 😉

Ashely Caskey of Caskey’s K9s, color lines – Texas (i got Chewy from her), find on Facebook

Natacha Chapman – my mentor for many years, wonderful lady, beautiful black and black and red long coats. Location – Arkansas

Ashley Taboada- Guardian Shepherds (I got Veruca from her) and my long coat black female Luna will be moving down there to live with her, but still be in my breeding program, shes in Florida. Find on Facebook, no website yet

Blair Morales of Peak Performance K9, Louisiana. (I got Elsa and we are co-owning Willow together)

Jessica Singleton, has color and regular lines- Browns Valley, CA. Better luck on Facebook tho, she updates that more lol