Puppy go home and other important information

Puppy go home and selection process- At 6 1/2- 7 weeks, puppies will go to the vet to get their shots and check ups. They will already have DM and any other test results back by this time also. At 7 weeks exactly, puppies get their Volhard temperament tests done and their chiropractor exam and adjustment. After everything is completed that day, we begin the puppy picking process! New owners can either come pick out in person or pick thru video and suggestions from testings and watching them grow. Everyone is expected to pick that day and will go in order of reserves. Then at 8 weeks, puppies are able to go to their new homes! Remaining payment is due in cash upon pickup, or thru a payment app that was used for deposit. NO CHECKS ON PICKUP! If a check is needed to pay, then it must be sent a week before pickup to make sure it clears the bank first!

If transport is needed, I will be more than happy to ground or air transport for you. I charge 50 cents a mile round trip. If transport is needed to the airport or to meet anyone anyplace, the same applies, 50 cents a mile round 🙂

Also note- the puppy goody go home bag has alot of puppy goodies and good reading material! It contains (not always exactly everything listed, but for the most part lol)- brush, a toy, blanket, dental care stuff, treats, training bag and items, biodegradable potty bags, and other misc things :). Usually everyone ends up bringing their own collar and leash, so i have stopped sending those with the puppies lol. If these needed tho, I will be more than happy to send that home with you, just let me know ahead of time!


At no time will I guarantee a specific color to a person in a litter! We will TRY to get you the color you want, and we ask everyone what color they are going for when the deposit is placed on the specific litter they want. BUT, if the person ahead of you decides they want the black and red girl, instead of the sable, due to temperament, structure, etc, then that’s their choice as they are ahead of you in line. We are here to place a puppy that is perfect for your household. A puppy’s color does NOT determine personality, temperament, or anything else important to placing. If you do not get the color of your choice, then you are always more than welcome to move to a different litter, as stated in the deposit contract as well. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

I WILL ALWAYS have the right to first pick in my litters! Sometimes, there may be an exceptional puppy that will come about that would be perfect for my breeding program. My breeding program is always top priority and I apologize, as this may be an inconvenience at times like this. I have not had to utilize this option yet, as I usually always reserve first picks beforehand, but I dont always reserve on every litter, so there may be an occasion when I will come across a puppy that i feel would benefit my program greatly, and everyone needs to be aware that I always reserve the right to take first pick in my litters. In the event that I do need to utilize this option, the person who had first pick will not pay the extra $200, and everyone in the list will move down a spot. If there are no options left in the litter for last pick person to have a puppy, then they will have to move to another litter (which, in this case, if a refund was wanted instead, then i would entertain that option because of the inconvenience I have caused). I hope everyone understands and again, I do apologize for any inconvenience this will cause if there is an occasion where I need to do this!!