Chewbacca (Chewy)

DOB: 12/26/2019 Weight: 95lbs

Chewy is our first liver GSD. He is liver seal stock coat. He is perfect in every way! I preferred a long coat, but he is a long coat carrier instead. His personality is awesome, he’s nosy, nerves of steel, friendly, loveable, I can do anything with him and take him anywhere, he is very eager to please and a quick learner. He is absolutely my very best friend and we do everything together! He is doing great in scentwork, and hoping he will be a SAR dog! He has passed ALL health tests thru Embark, except being a DM carrier! He did not pass the Paw Prints testing for carrying dwarfism unfortunately, so he is a carrier. Passing hip xrays with Pennhip score of 0.52 on left and right 0.39 (good) and prelim OFA elbows passing, as well as passing OFA heart, patella, and dentition!

Chewy carries blue, but the blue in Chewys line is Brody. Brody is well known for CDA (Color Dilution Alopecia) in the lines. Therefore he will NEVER be used to breed blues. (I did not know the history or colors, etc when I purchased him, but I will never regret my decision, and we will just work around it) SOME of his puppies will carry blue as well, and anyone intending on getting breeding rights to use the puppies to breed blue, will not be granted rights, any puppies carrying blue from him will be put into pet homes only. We do full panel health testing (which included color tests), on all our color litters, so as stated, any puppies that carry blue, will be put into pet homes NO BREEDING RIGHTS.