Chewbacca (Chewy)

Chewy is our first liver pup. I have been waiting for a couple years now searching for one. He is perfect in every way! I preferred a long coat, but he decided otherwise lol. I stuck with him regardless because he still carries the LC gene, so im not too worried about it. His personality is awesome, he’s curious, nerves of steel, friendly, loveable, I can do anything with him and take him anywhere, he is very eager to please and a quick learner. He is absolutely my very best friend.

He turned out to be a liver seal, and he has passed ALL health tests thru Embark, except being a DM carrier! Passing hip and elbow xrays, and passing OFA heart, patella, and dentition. (I will get all his tests posted soon!)

He came from Caskey’s K9’s out of Texas. Great breeder, i cant say enough good things about her! Here is her website and facebook page info.