Capri Sak Land

Capri Sak Land obituary-

02/27/2017 – 04/19/2022

Capri passed away on 4/19/22 from complications with labor, a uterine torsion. She is survived by 26 children with a total of 4 litters (1 has passed in a car accident).

She arrived to us May 20, 2018 from Poland. She was my 2nd imported dog, the 1st being Zeke. She always had a humorous yet strange personality lol. Her nickname was PayPay, and “GIVE ME SOME SPACE GEEZ”!! She loved to sit as close to you as possible and just stare at you. She was usually in my lap, or anyone elses that would allow her. She looooooved affection so much and loved all people. I had planned to get her a therapy dog license this year and start taking her to childrens hospitals. She was very very energetic. She could run circles around any of the other dogs all day long…and she normally would do just that lol, constantly moving! I usually do 2-3 groups for ball throwing so there wouldnt be any arguments between the dogs, and she would always be in all 3 groups cuz she would never tire! She was such a wonderful mommy and loved and protected all her babies. Usually the only other dog she would let get near her babies was Zeke for some reason lol. She loved car rides, playing ball, running, pacing the house lol, and most of all- she loved US. We had tried to put her in a guardian home 3 times lol…she just couldnt fit in and would act out in each one. We seemed to be the only place she was truly comfortable at and she wanted to be. So, finally after this last home failed and we realized this, we decided that she was just truly meant to be with us forever and after her winter litter, we were going to fix her and retire her and she was going to stay with us for the rest of her days. 🙁

She blessed us with so many wonderful memories and produced many wonderful litters, blessing others lives as well. She was very unique and will always be loved and remembered.

RIP sweetheart