Niko (Berger Blanc Suisse Lines)

Here we have my male Berger Blanc Suisse. He came all the way from Serbia. His breeder is close with Zumba’s breeder, and some of his dogs are from Tihana as well. I am explaining that because Serbia is known as a high scam area, and I made extra certain I wasnt getting scammed lol. Anyways, Niko is AMAZING!! I love these BBS lines sooooo much. Hes like a big snuggly bear! Hes so calm, sweet, and gentle all the time. He loves to get snuggles and kisses. He loves food LOL. His temperament is just so perfect! Hes a low drive and medium energy. We call him the puppy whisperer and our puppy babysitter cuz he loves playing with the puppies and they love him, and hes so gentle and good with them! 😉

He has passed all his Embark health testing and has also passed Pennhip with excellent hips and OFA elbows with prelim good elbows! He also has dentition, thyroid, and cardiac done, which i will post all the results of soon!