Franny Foofoo

Black and tan long coat DOB: 10-4-2021 Weight: 65 lbs Parents: Bubbles x Zeke DM and PD clear Full panel Canine Healthcheck OFA Prelim elbows good Pennhip (done and waiting on results)

Franny Foofoo is my daughter Eliza’s first breeding dog. She will be listed here because Eliza does not have a website yet and we will, of course, be working together until she is old enough and skilled enough to be let out on her own LOL. Eliza will most likely remain a small 1-2 dog breeder, as she has no desire at this time to do as much work as I do LOL LOL 😉 Anywho, she picked out and kept Franny from a Bubbles x Zeke pairing. Franny is the sweetest thing ever and I feel like the only thing in the world she cares about is being petted haha. We are trying to figure out what to get her titles in, since she is so calm and sweet…. she is considering doing therapy dog work with her which I think would be perfect! She does love to play ball as well, but not as much as laying in your lap being petted lol. We are awaiting her hip and elbow xrays which will be done May 16.