Upcoming litters

Luna/ Koba- we bred bubbles and Koba this past fall and had such an amazing litter, I’m super excited to use him again! I’m sure he will become a staple in our breeding program 🥰
Luna will go into heat in November, with puppies go home month in March.
1st pick male and 2nd pick male reserved. Rest of the spots are available. http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/breeding.result?father=2838678&mother=2832096

Bubbles/ Zeke- this will probably be my favorite litter ever and I’m beyond excited!!! I will be keeping one from this litter 🥰 Bubbles will go into heat late November/ early December.
First 3 spots for male and female reserved, 1 spot left for each available. http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/breeding.result?father=2802695&mother=2982207

Got Capris next stud figured out!! So excited! This litter will produce black and red only! I will be using either Riccardo or Bonnuci from Margel German shepherds in Michigan! Amazing dogs! More info is in the Upcoming Litters section.
1st 3 spots on male and females reserved.

Next up we will have Zumba!!! YAY!!! My BBS lines will be starting in spring around March she should go into heat!!! Her mate will hopefully be Targhees, we are waiting on health test results of course before making a final decision. First pick male and female reserved and 2nd pick male. 5 spots available.

Also note, THESE ARE ESTIMATED HEAT AND LITTER TIMES! Nothing is set in stone and I have no control over when a dog goes into heat lol, we just do our best with educated guessing 🥰


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