Guardian homes needed

I will be making a new menu that will list any dogs or puppies I have that are in need of guardian homes. A guardian home is a home where I will keep my breeding dog, in my name, under my rules, under the care of someone else. The dog will be kept in my breeding program until retirement, and then will live the remainder of its life at the Guardian home.

As of right now, I would like to put Luna and Elsa into guardian homes.

Luna is a black long coat working line female, 3 years old. She is the laziest of all the dogs. She loves to be active when outside and has a great ball and prey drive, she has an amazing off switch when she comes inside. You can see all her pictures if you go under my females tab and look up Luna. She will go into heat soon, so she will not be ready to go into a guardian home until after her litter leaves, so around march probably. But, she could actually go into the new home after the mating, and then she would come back here for a couple months for the litter.

Elsa is my new puppy, she is 9 weeks old. I will be keeping her for another month or so to train and socialize her, unless i feel the new owner is capable of doing that. She is a traditional black and tan stock coat. Very sweet and loving, needs some work on confidence building, which is what i will be doing while i keep her here.

All the other information pertaining to these and others, will be in the Guardian homes menu

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