Eis is a plush/long coat male. He is my first white shepherd and i got him so i could start a white line. We got Eis from R&M Shepherds in Crete, Nebraska. Eis is a show/working line mix. He is definitely a worker tho lol, high drive. Lots of energy, always ready to play and learn. LOVES his momma and always has to be by my side. He is a talker also. He has such a great personality. I am posting his parents info below. Pretty impressive lines. I am really excited for him, I cant wait to see what his future holds!!

UPDATE: Eis has moved to a co-owner in Texas and will still be used for stud when needed!

Eis’s pedigree- http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2832325-eis-von-holtzapple

Dam, Baughman’s Bit of Winter a West German line whom is a descendant of Alice Horton’s Snowcloud Bloodline as well as Rin Tin Tin bloodline. Her Sire is a UKC champion as well as her Dams Dam along with many many more titled champions.
* 171 Genetic Health Tests Clear, DM Carrier Not affected (Embark DNA)
* Pennhip: Upper 50th percentile & OFA Good

Sire, Kobe Jade, A DDR/West German line. Grandfather Is King Gauger Whom Participated In The Movie “ American Maniacs”. And Descendant Of Stormfront’s Brawnson On His Father’s Side: 00’&02’ WPO Champion, Swat K9, Dual Purpose Patrol/ Narcotics Police Dog, SCHH3, FH2, DPO2, KKL2. And Descendant Of Blacky Vom Neuen Lande A Champion Workline And Showline Breed On Mother’s Side: SCHH3, IPO3, FH, SPH, WUSV, BSP Champ. And many many more titles throughout his pedigree. 
* 172 Genetic Health Tests Clear (Embark DNA)
* OFA Elbows: Normal 
* Pennhip: 80th percentile