Upcoming fall/winter litters 2021

The process to reserve a spot is as follows- I accept deposits after the deposit contract is signed and sent back (taking a screenshot and signing thru there, then sending back thru messaging or email works great). I use Venmo (preferred), Zelle, Google Pay, Messenger Pay, and Paypal (friends and family only). Reserves go in order of deposits. Deposit is $500, which goes towards total.

Here is the link to the deposit contract. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HGdjLGz9E1Rmt6pHsmJ-msNQs9vDn0eUWHb3JA03YLU/

PRICING FOR EACH LITTER WILL BE THE SAME NO MATTER WHICH ONE AT THIS TIME. EXCEPT THE BERGER BLANC SUISSE LINES, THOSE WILL ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT. Pricing is as follows- $2300 limited akc, $3000 full akc. $500 deposit which goes towards total. 10% discount for military, police, first responders, previous customers,and firemen. NO DISCOUNT ON BREEDING RIGHTS. Payment plans available also with an additional 4% interest fee. Puppies go home at 10 weeks unless we’ve discussed otherwise and come with- DM testing done (on litters where 1 parent is a carrier and full embark panels will be done on the color litters) 5 year hip guarantee and life threatening congenital defects guarantee, vet check, age appropriate shots, fully wormed and parasite prevention at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks, contract, AKC reg done (except BBS lines, which will be FCPR or UKC), puppy go home bag with tons of goodies, the puppies will have an adjustment and exam from the chiropractor, temperament test at 7 weeks, and lifetime support! Pricing for BBS litter- $3500 pet, 4k breeding.

Maverick x Willow

In the fall, my silver sable Maverick will finally be of breeding age! Pending his hip and elbow xrays, he will be ready to go! I have a new female in named Willow. She is a black and red long coat Showlines. So, they will be paired, pending both of their hip and elbow tests. If he fails tests, then then Willow will be paired with Zeke or possibly another sable. I will not know when the new female will go into heat, so i cannot give an estimated due date yet, although I am told it will be the end of July. I am not taking reservations until health tests have passed for these 2 and i am also closing the list until i have embark tested the litter and i see who carries what because i may keep a few back for myself.


Luna will be bred with a dark sable, not sure who yet. I have a couple of nice prospects, but we will see. If not, then i will breed her to a stud from Margel German Shepherds. Luna should go into heat again at the beginning of July, putting the litter due around the beginning of September, with the litter going home around Thanksgiving! These are all just educated guesstimates tho, nothing is set in stone with mother nature! 2 MALE SPOTS AND 2 FEMALE SPOTS AVAILABLE


Capri will be bred to Zeke! Fan favorites! They have produced ALOT of quality pups and have had 3 successful litters so far. So we are going to give it another go in the fall! She should go into heat around the end of June, putting the litter go home time around early to mid November. There is 1 female spot available, and no male spots available.


Bubbles will be bred to Zeke again and probably forever more lol. She should go into heat around mid July, putting the go home date around Thanksgiving.  There are 2 female spots left for early reserve!


Zumba will be bred to a stud named Taunka who is known for being the most gently soul you’ll ever meet (aside from Niko of course lol)! She should go into heat around late July/August, putting the go home time around early to mid December. There are 2 female spots and 2 male spots left on the reserve list!