The stud fell thru for Luna/ Baron! So now we are doing Luna/ Remo! She will be due around Thanksgiving! Awesome black and red male that carries black. They will produce black and black and reds, like capri and Zeke litters lol. So whoever missed out, here ya go!!
First and 2nd pick female reserved. 2 spots left!

First tie was a success!!!
REMO IS AMAZING!!!! Owner is Rhonda Moyer and stud name is Remo von Moyer Haus
I could not be happier with how things worked out, that couldn’t use the other stud lol. Remo is so perfect and his temperament is to die for he reminds me so much of Zeke! Hes like a gentle giant and I say giant because he weighs 135 pounds lol I did not realize he was that big but he’s got big bones and perfectly proportioned, and a big bundle of love!! I am so excited about his temperament and calmness and BEAUTY, he was perfect!! I am so in love with him and am BEYOND EXCITED for their litter!!!
The 8 hour drive is totally worth every minute!

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