Zeke and capri!

Back by popular demand!!!
Zeke x Capri!!! Due date August 25, 2020! They will have all long coats, blacks and black and red.
I threw some previous litter puppies pictures in there also!

Medium energies, high ball drive, amazing temperaments, both parents are absolute sweethearts, Zeke will be therapy dog soon. Capri is dm clear, Zeke is carrier, hips and elbows passing on both, both have Embark dna test done as well, passing all 173 genetic tests (except Zeke carries dm).
Puppies will have full embark DNA test panel done, temperament tests done, chiropractor exam and adjustment, vet exam and shots, come with lifetime health guarantees, 5 year hip guarantee, akc done, and much more. $2000 limited akc, $2800 full akc if passing all health tests. $500 deposit which goes towards total. 10% discount for military, police, and firemen. NO DISCOUNT ON BREEDING RIGHTS. Payment plans available also.

In the pictures below, I threw in some random previous puppy pictures


Just so everyone is aware and properly informed of everything…
Last fall Zeke started having allergies. At almost 3 years old out of the blue. I freaked out, was super angry, told everyone, and I decided I was going to get him fixed.
But then after i calmed down, I decided I was going to research as much as possible before committing to fixing such a wonderful dog, cuz sometimes i tend to shoot first, ask questions later. So anyways, after talking with the Heska corp (which is the allergy research company who provides the immunotherapy drug to cure the allergy), and with vets, multiple mentor breeders, his breeder, and Google lol… I decided that there is not enough conclusive evidence to prove it’s hereditary or genetic in his case… or that in fact it’s 100% genetic in any cases.
His parents are clear, his siblings (multiple litters) clear, and out of 20 if his offspring, 1 had a few allergies from a test that was complete shit. I was explained to, that all dogs (all animals actually) have an allergy or allergies (which are usually called intolerances) of some sort no matter what. Just liked humans. All dogs also have different levels of how their body reacts to every single thing. During different seasons and different times all these levels are different, some are high some are low and they come and go. So a dog could be allergic to fleas, but if he has not been bitten and having a reaction, it will not even show up on the test or it will be a very small number. But if hes been bitten and having a reaction then it will show up as a very high number. Same way with the seasons and other allergic reactions. If it’s the right time, the numbers can be high.

Zeke and capri have had some amazing puppies. There’s a stud from them in Colorado right now, perfect health, passed every single health test, xrays, and full embark panel…. he’s perfect.
Out of 20 puppies there’s been like 2 that were bad apples. And actually UPDATE: 1 had a food allergy i was just informed, so we’re clear on that, cuz that’s very common! I just can’t condemn a studs use cuz he has some random allergies, which were quickly remedied by the immunotherapy drug he took, and he’s only one in his family with this issue, and all his offspring are amazing, except those couple.

He had also helped produce 3 cryotorchid, 2 of which were corrected, 1 could have been corrected like the vet said but the owner did not take the steps to fix it as instructed, so it was left up, and now I will have to pay the extra amount for the different neutering cuz it’s in my contract to do that because I wanted them to feel comfortable with getting him. I don’t find cryprotchid a big deal at all, it happens all the time, all you do is fix the male by 14 months at the latest, instead of the recommended 2 years.

Cryotorchid means having one ball. It’s important to get the dog neutered by 14 months if this happens because it can cause cancers. Sometimes the vet will have to search inside for the other ball which is why the surgery can sometimes cost more. ANY litter can have puppies with one ball. And many litters do. It can come from either parent, there’s no way to know who passes it.

Anyone who needs any research pages, or phone numbers, or any other type of research documents, let me know and I will gladly share any information I have found!
Please research your breeds and breeders as well lol.
Research research research!!! KNOWLEDGE IS IMPORTANT!!
Allergies can happen to any dog, any time, even from perfect healthy parents and lines! It does not mean the lines are bad or the dog is bad!

2 thoughts on “Zeke and capri!”

  1. Zeke! He is one of the prettiest German Shepherds I think I’ve ever seen – such a sweet face! The picture you posted of his daughter Meeka is also beautiful! 🙂


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