Upcoming litters

If interested in being on an early reserve list- deposit is $500. Reserves go in order of deposits. I do not hold spots without deposits! I also have updated the upcoming litters menu bar, so it will explain more and have pictures and stuff.

Luna/Koba. She will go into heat around in November. They will produce dark sables and blacks. There are 2 male spots reserved on her litter. 6 spots left.

Bubbles/ Zeke (my favorite and I’m beyond excited for, and keeping one for myself as well!) They will produce dark sables, black, and possible seal (just a dark color bleed thru). There are 4 female and 2 male spots reserved on hers. So, 2 male spots are left open. December will be her heat time.

Capri will probably be paired with Zeke again but I’m thinking I will possibly do a red black stud instead. So that litter will either be all black and reds or black and black and reds. She will go into heat in late December or January. There is 1 female spot reserved at this time. 5 spots left cuz i only do 6 for her reservations cuz she usually only has litters of 6-7.

Also planned for next spring i will be starting my BBS white lines!! These will not be the same price, and I will be consulting with the BBSCA on what the appropriate pricing for these lines are. Both male and female are from top lines, all titled and health tests throughout the lines… as are most bbs lines. The female came from Croatia and the male from Serbia.

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