ATTENTION ATTENTION!!! I HAVE SOME SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! lol This will be a kinda long post, so I apologize ahead of time 😉So, I have been stressing and thinking on this for a long time now, months actually and have finally come to a decision! Im going to abandon the Berger Blanc Suisse lines course, and stick with my AKC GSD lines!! I just dont have the clientele for those specifics, and its a little different of a world than just GSDs lol. SO, the significance of this awesomeness is…. I now have 3 white AKC GSD from super excellent perfect lines to add to the gene pool! As you all know, I have been thru quite alot trying to get GOOD color lines with actual quality, health, titles, perfect structure, perfect temperaments, etc etc. It has been years of non stop effort and let downs, failures, money lost, etc. But I will never give up on making EXCELLENT PERFECT color lines without health issues, that are titled, beautiful, have the structure that a GSD is supposed to have, and just in general will be everything ive put years of hard work into perfecting!!! All these years of hard work and many more to come, to prove that a color is just a color. A color does not make a dog, it only makes them beautiful and maybe a little different in color lol. A blue or liver is just as useful and workable as a standard black and tan or sable… its JUST a color! I couldnt care less about an AKC “standard” for color, sorry. Its just a color. The ONLY important things, are every single thing I noted above… workability, temperament, structure, quality, health, and various titles which are many to choose from! So anyways, here is some of my upcoming plans that I dont share much of 🙂 – Mid August I will be getting a long coat bi color male that carries blue and his sister, a black long coat female that carries blue, from non common lines, all fully titled (mostly) and health tested lines. In spring, I will be breeding Chewy to Elsa, which, Elsa has non common and titled lines as well, she carries blue. They will produce blue and tans, possible seal, and possible solid blue, and all will either be long coat or carry.In light of recent events, Zumba will now be bred with Maverick. They will produce silver sables and whites that carry blue and liver. The whole litter will be Embark tested as will ALL of my color litters. There are so many combinations I can do now with Niko, Zumba, and Vanna lol. Not to mention the whole world of combinations with the rest of the group that now opened up lol. Niko carries for solid black, and Zumba is recessive black, so thats pretty cool!So, new upcoming litter announcement is Zumba and Maverick! They will be bred next week! I will make a separate post announcing that! And for everyone who has stuck behind me thru all my ventures and hard work… I appreciate all of you!!!! Most of you that have been thru all my trials with me will truly appreciate the gravity of this post I think and how exciting this is!!!! Not just for me, but for improving the color GSD world as well!!! YEEEEEE!!!And if you actually made it all the way to the end..GO YOU!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ✌😍😍👊

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